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HOLY COMMUNION FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAYS Theological Axioms collected by Walther. This month's theme: secular government and household ranks. Commandments to not get people to believe the truth, nor is any compromise possible when it comes to the truth. (Balser) 7 p.m. Bible Study

John&Maia McCulloch

Eli Levorson Not for the spread of religion, but for its defense, can a war be waged by a lawful government.(Gerhard) INDEPENDENCE DAY. Thank the LORD for religious freedom.
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Trinity 4

Psalm 31

If the government is made up of believers who are members of the church, they extend the call (to the preacher), not because they are the government, but because they are members of the church. (Luther) 7 p.m. Bible Study

Rowan Levorson

James Utterback Val McMullen Rogers private memorial service at the church.
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Trinity 5

Psalm 71


Secular rule has to do with far different matters than the gospel does: its power is not to protect souls, but body and goods against exernal forces by using the sword and physical punishments. (Augsburg Confess.) 7 p.m. Bible Study You should argue your legal case in such a way that you are not arguing against your own heart. (Gerhard) Diane Tjernagel Craig&Julie Knutson
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Trinity 6

Psalm 143


To change the government and to improve the government are two different things, as far from one another as heaven form earth. (Luther) 7 p.m. Bible Study An oath to do what is not righteous is not binding. Joel&Denise Franzen

Aiden Firmstone

The household ranks are the nursery for the ecclesiastical and civic ranks. (Gerhard)
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Trinity 7

Psalm 34

The subjects are bound to vindicate their beliefs when the governmen so commands, but are not bound by a command to believe. (Dannhauer) 7 p.m. Bible Study The bishop, as a prince, can impose whatever he wants upon his (Christian) subjects and give them commands, insofar as they are subjects, and what he commands is pious and just, for they are then obeying, not as the church, but as citizens. (Luther)














The good people in the worldwide church are by no means pleased when anyone, even a heretic, is made to feel the wrath of the death penalty. (Augustine) [This refers especially to acts like those of the Inquisitions.]

The bishops and teachers cannot represent the church by themselves, since the very idea of a church includes those who listen to them. (Gerhard) The reasons for the war must be acknowledged not only by the government under whose oversight the war is waged, but also by the soldiers with whose help and service they wage it. (Arcularius)