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HOLY COMMUNION FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAYS Theological Axioms collected by Walther. This month's theme: Holy Scripture. #1: Nothing except Scripture! Advent Service 7:00 pm What we believe, we owe to authority; what we observe, to reason. God's Word makes articles of faith, and nobody else does, not even an angel. Holy Scripture is a stream an elephant can swim in and a lamb can wade across.
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ADVENT 2 Circuit Conference

Mason City 7-5

Every little pen-stroke in Scripture holds up mountains of doctrine. Advent Service 7:00 pm Brenda Smiley Many things are in Scripture that are not stated in so many words.

The church fathers were lights, not gods!
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Council by phone.

The church errs when it denies that the church can err. Polly Lukens Advent Service 7:00 pm Ella Pelican The councils err when they deny that the councils can err. Bridget Levorson
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Voters Elections by phone.

The dogma of the canon is, strictly speaking, no article of faith. The highest judge in all controversies is the Spirit of God speaking with us through His Word. The prophetic and apostolic Scriptures are the one rule and plumb line of the faith. CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE

6:00 P.M.

What is clear gives nourishment; what is difficult, exercise; the former staves off hunger; the latter, boredom.
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FIRST SUNDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS When errorists have the majority, this does not justify their error. Heresy is what you mean, not what you say. Heretics quote the apostles' words, but not the way the apostles understood them. New Years Eve with Holy Communion

6:30 P.M.

The Hebrew student drinks from the source, the Greek student from the streams, the Latin student from the swamp.














The general aim of all Scripture is Christ. The philosophers are the ancestors of the heretic. I can err, but that does not make me a heretic. January 6th:

7pm: Epiphany Vespers Service

Arrogance is the mother of heresy. When two people say what sounds like the same thing, that doesn't make it the same thing. [cults; context, equivocation, prevarication]