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HOLY COMMUNION FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAYS AND UPON REQUEST Restrictions on gathering size for worship have been lifted! There is no need to rsvp for public Worship, Bible Study or Holy Communion in a service. Please continue to observe safe practices regarding distancting and hygiene. Do not feel compelled to attend if you are truly worried about being infected with the virus. Use digital services faithfully and often. Theological Axioms Collected by Walther. This month's theme: (ironically!) Secular Government. Initially the governmental dignity belonged to the family heads, but as a result of the increase of the human race, it was transferred to specific, predetermined persons. (Kromayer)
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Psalm 67

When a kingdom is first established, its authority and power must be arranged according to natural law and according to the way that law is put into practice in their nation. (Gerhard) 7 p.m. Bible Study A prince has power to do much that he cannot do with a good conscience. (Dannhauer) Craig Knutson To Caesar is to be given what is Caesar's in such way that what is God's is still given to God. (Gerhard)

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Easter 5

Psalm 7


Power refers to something actual, irrespective of the legal basis for how that power was first acquired. (Gerhard) 7 p.m. Bible Study Robb&Val McMullen If prescriptive laws should not carry any weight, what kingdom will then be considered lawful? (Dannhauer) Richard Firmstone
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Easter 6

Psalm 111

The government is God's minister, but not in the same way that the citizens of the community are. (Dannhauer) You should distinguish between those who are only subjects and those who are not only subjects. (Gerhard) 7 p.m. ASCENSION Vespers Service Psalm 47 Ascension Day Power has been conferred upon the government to provide, to make laws, to judge, and to punish. (Hollaz) The government has power over every soul situated anywhere within the perimeter of its kingdom. (Dannhauer)
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Easter 7

Psalm 133-134

Princes exist for the sake of the subjects, not subjects for the sake of the princes. (Gerhard) Peter&Bridget Levorson

Pastor&Cathy Hoesch

7 p.m. Bible Study Dean Rogers By "Caesar" (or higher authorities), you should understand also those sent by Caesar, who do what they do in Caesar's name. (Dannhauer)












PENTECOST SUNDAY-- Birthday of the New Testament Christian Church. Psalm 33. A prince is, as it were, the guardian and custodian of the state, being called its lord, not as regards a proprietary right, but in consideration of what he does to rule and protect. (Dannhauer) The government has the power of the sword, not only metaphorically, but also synecdoch- ically; not only judicially, but also armed with the sword of war. (Dannhauer)>>>>> [The power of the sword which Romans 13 assigns to the government includes the execution of criminals and the power of war.]